Bodil Nygaard
is a visual artist, illustrator and writer of children's books.

From her studios in Aarhus and Copenhagen, Denmark, Bodil Nygaard has provided illustrations for leading Danish publishers such as Gyldendal, Egmont, Høst & Søn, Munksgaard, Aller Press and more..

She illustrates for magazines and campaigns, and her ideas and works are being used by advertising agencies, game developers, educational institutions and Governmental organizations.

Bodil Nygaard writes and illustrates her own books - examples from "The Adventures of Mrs. Salt and Mr. Pepper" can be seen here.

Contact: Bodil Nygaard, Kvintus Allé, lejl. 10, 2300 København S
Cell Phone: +45 26 84 77 85, E-Mail: